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sorac-forum - SORAC Mailing List

Subject: SORAC Mailing List

Welcome to the SORAC Mailing List. The Society of Research on African Cultures (SORAC) welcomes you to its mailing list. Among other things, SORAC promotes scholarly research on all aspects of African civilization (history, societies, cultures, economy, etc.), as well as a fruitful exchange of ideas among Africanist scholars worldwide. This page provides access to information on how to subscribe to our mailing list.

Note that the list is moderated and is mostly used for announcements to our members. Only SORAC members with paid membership status can post announcements to the list. Organizations or individuals with announcements should first become paid members before they can be allowed to send announcements messages to the list. Announcements related to scholarly events are free to SORAC paid members. Announcements of a commercial nature are subject to a fee if approved. All announcements are subject to approval.

Visit our SORAC membership page for more information.

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